When is commission paid out to Affiliates?
We send our Publishers their payments weekly or monthly depending on their account status.
Is there a minimum payout for affiliate?
The minimum payout amount to be paid out can be found in our terms and conditions and is currently set at 50 Euros. This means that in order to receive payment from us, there has to be a minimum amount of 50 Euros in the account. If that minimum has not be reached for the month, then it will stay in the Publisher's account and be paid out as soon as the minimum is met.
How does Zetaniche guarantee that sales will actually be credited to my account?
The codes in your URLs are set with your Publisher ID which tracks the sales that you generate, so you can be sure that your sales are accounted for.
Is my personal and business information safe with Zetaniche?
Yes, it is. Our partners’ information is only for internal purposes and is not forwarded to any third parties.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we do. Affiliates can earn revenue shares simply by referring other affiliates to our network. Affiliates earn revenue share on the sales of affiliates they refer to us.
Will payouts automatically be created to my account?
Yes, they will. We deliver Affiliates payouts to payment option selected in Affiliates panel.
What is the difference between web and WAP offers?
Web offers are for the traditional web and WAP offers are optimized for mobile devices.
Why do I get an error message while testing the preview or affiliate links?
Most of the offers at Zetaniche are targeted to mobile devices or have geo redirection enabled. If you test the links with your desktop browser, you'll get an error message. Install a user agent switcher and change the mobile device to see what your mobile users will see or consult support@zetaniche.com for help.
How do I use the mobile switch?
The mobile switch is a great tool for domain parking sites or desktop websites. Just install the php-code in the header of your webpage to redirect every user accessing your site from a mobile device to an offer provided via the Zetaniche network. This tool is in beta stage and its not publicly available.